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BuenaVista Guide Berlin – admire the city’s most stunning views, understand the metropolis, experience nature – BuenaVista Guide Berlin is the expert when it comes to special city tours and experiencing nature in Berlin and Brandenburg.

BuenaVista Guide Berlin is the result of over a decade of experience gathered by myself in the fields of city and nature tourism. The services offered on this website are designed to give guests and visitors a special impression of the region within a short space of time. In addition to German, I currently offer my services in English, Spanish and Dutch. As I’ve lived and worked in Spain and the Netherlands, I am highly familiar with the languages and mentalities of these countries. I also liaise with cooperation partners in order to offer my tours in a series of other languages.

Additionally, I organise your stay in Berlin and Brandenburg, tailoring this to your personal needs and requirements. Reflecting the fact that both city and region are in a state of continual change, current tour services on this internet site will be complemented by other suggestions in the near future. Other regional and urban aspects will soon be engaging tourists' interest. BuenaVista Guide Berlin aims to react promptly to these innovations, offering you corresponding variations as part of its tourist-oriented service. As a result, my partners and I ensure that we keep track of and learn about all new developments in order to do justice to these transitions.

BuenaVista Guide Berlin reveals the best views of Berlin and Brandenburg. As I’m always out and about in the region, the best way to contact me is via e-mail or mobile phone.

Jochen Wiesenberg
Managing director, BuenaVista Guide Berlin


  • Certificate of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce:
    Berlin Tourist Guide
  • Licence to do guided tours in Sanssouci Park
  • Licence to do guided tours in “Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen”