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Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen

The place of horror. Not far away from Berlin, in the town of Oranienburg, the concentration camp Sachsenhausen was located. It had a special function within the cruel terror system of the Nazis. BuenaVista Guide Berlin takes you to the place, where the crimes of the Nazis are even today directly to experience. Moreover we are trying to give answers to questions like: What was every day life in the camp? How did the Nazis made their dictatorship work? How did the German society at that time, how does it handle today this past? Nowadays the historical site serves as “Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen”. It aims at increasing the awareness of the importance of freedom and democracy.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: € 179

BuenaVista Guide Berlin arranges solely guides that have been certified by “Brandenburg Memorials Foundation”.